System Wall Panels from The Surface Company

System panels are designed to bring true style to your walls. All products in this collection feature elegant surfaces and effective structures to allow you to create an exceptional wall design. Available in a wide choice of decor colours from ultra modern metallics through to 
modern wood finishes. The System Panel range also has a comprehensive range of accessories to add an extra layer of versatility to
your space.


Meister Nova System Panels

If you are looking for a elegant product to make your walls that little bit different, then look no further than the Meister Nova System panels that bring style to your walls. The selection of decors is great and leaves nothing to be desired. Whether your looking for a cool metallic look or harmonious wood decor. System Panels are also well suited to humid rooms which makes them a perfect alternative to tiles in a bathroom. This range is also backed by a comprehensive range of accessories range than include clothes hooks, kitchen utensils, shelves or flexible lights.

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