Our exciting range of decor panels combine design quality with functionality. With a broad spectrum of colours and surface finishes, they are a stylish, easy to fit and a low maintenance solution.

All our panelling collections benefit from the specialist expertise which has been gathered over decades of development work. Being made from particularly environmentally friendly and robust materials, we offer two collections with selected real wood surfaces for lovers of natural wood and three comprehensive decorative panel collections.

Discover our collection of Ceiling Paneling Products:


Real Wood Panels

Grain, growth rings and colour-play make wood products unmistakably unique. The same applies to our real wood panels with their carefully selected surfaces. Whether classic in maple, oak or cherry or more modern in birch, pine or walnut - all real wood panels have an individual and natural character that you will love.


Decorative Panels

Covering ceilings with panels has a long tradition, with a modern twist on this classic form of cladding it has been brought back into the present. Our panels, with their wide range of decors, can be used anywhere and provide a huge variety of design possibilities. Environmentally friendly, durable and easy to install, they are
also an attractive alternative to paint.

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