Decorative Ceiling Panels from The Surface Company

Covering ceilings with panels has a long tradition, with a modern twist on this classic form of cladding it has been brought back into the present. Our panels, with their wide range of decors, can be used anywhere and provide a huge variety of design possibilities. Environmentally friendly, durable and easy to install, they are also an attractive alternative to wallpaper.


Meister Terra Decorative Ceiling Panels

The Terra collection of Decorative Ceiling Panels open up a series of creative horizons. All decors in this range feature light and tranquil colours that add depth to what would normally be a plain surface. Extremely well suited for the high humidity areas thanks to the water resistant and steam proof ‘Terracell’ surface structure which also prevents mould from forming making it the perfect companion for bathrooms and wet rooms. Available in a easy to install plank format that can transform the feel of a room instantly.

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