Engineered Flooring from The Surface Company

The Engineered Flooring Collection from The Surface Company features a extensive range of different products to suit every project type. Choose from our range of Natural Oak, Patterned Parquet and American Walnut pieces, that all feature the true natural beauty that wood deserves. Our Engineered Collection has a wide range of choice when it comes to size, finish and installation type. We have built this range to ensure our clients have the best choice available when selecting a product for their next project. Click below to discover our range of Engineered Flooring Solutions;


Timba Engineered Wood Flooring

The Timba Floor Engineered Collection features a multitude of different engineered flooring products. Choose from a 14mm 5G Engineered Oak that is really easy to install thanks to its Valinge 5G locking profile or a 18mm Structural Engineered Oak product that comes in two widths; 150 & 189mm depending on the visual style you are looking for. All of the ranges within the Timba Engineered Collection are focused on the latest in colour trends and come in over 12 different stunning finishes to choose from and are backed by extensive commercial warranties ensuring the product looks its best for many years to come.


Timba Patterned Flooring Collection

If you are looking for a floor that is truly unique then look no further than a patterned floor from the Timba Patterned Flooring Collection. This range features a selection of Herringbone and Chevron flooring products in 15 & 18mm board thicknesses and the ability to choose from LOC or T&G profiles depending on installation. For an added touch of luxury speak to The Surface Company about hand finished patterned floors for that truly unique and one-of-a-kind finish.


Maxiply Engineered Oak Flooring

For the more natural end of the oak flooring spectrum, look no further than our Maxiply Engineered Oak range. This range focuses on the natural Lacquered and Brushed & Oiled finishes which can often be considered timeless in many different interior styles. Available in a selection of board specifications from 13mm all the way through to 20mm and now also includes a extra wide 260mm board that is the perfect companion for large interior spaces that really do create a talking point in the room.


Maxiply American Black Walnut Flooring

Maxiply American Black Walnut features distinctive knots, attractive burrs and a unique grain variation that will add a beautiful design statement to any room where it is installed. Maxiply offer this in Lacquered or Oiled finishes in widths of 125 thru to 191mm and thicknesses from 14 & 18mm to allow you to have an ultimate choice when looking to install a Walnut floor in your next interior design project. Along with traditional engineered walnut, we also offer this in a Herringbone plank format. Ask us for more details on Walnut Herringbone.

Meister Longlife Parquet 1
Meister Longlife 2

Meister Engineered Flooring

Meister Engineered Flooring is range of European inspired traditional engineered wood flooring. Available in a wide selection of different formats ranging from 1-Strip Plank designs all the way through to 3-Strip in either Matt Lacquered, Brushed & Oiled or High Gloss finishes. All products 
in this collection have longer than average board lengths making the space feel much bigger once a Longlife Parquet product has been installed, V4 bevels to add emphasis to the board structure and excellent residential and commercial warranties to ensure that your floor looks its best for years to come.

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